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Bruno Alexiu is also a video artist.

For several years, he has been filming the beauty of nature in its cycles, and has developed a unique broadcasting system


about the cycles of nature


What is it ?

Films about the beauty of nature,

through its permanent cycles, in an artistic, contemplative and unique approach

Trees filmed in static shot for a year

52 one-minute sequences, with the spectacle of the seasons at the most photographic moments, of the montain, the ocean, the forest …

Waves in ultra_slow motion (x96times)

Walls of water captured at 75 m above the sea


Halfway between a painting and a photograph, with the financial and technical means of a film.

What for ?

For any public or private place

where nature can be integrated through a video screen

The living paintings have a beautifuying value, enhance a place, calm the atmosphere, captivate the eye to a hypnotic contemplation

They are part of a modern, contemporary, spectacular creative concept

The artistic message is understood by everyone

The beauty of nature is used as a design,

or shared as a conviction

4 Trees
Shot in all weathers, each film exposes the particularly photographic moments of a tree for 1 year, starting from the winter solstice.
click to see the full length video
Natural movements
Each week for one year shooting a seasonal event, a particularity, a light, a furtive sensation in France
click to see the full length video
Water walls
5 gigantic water walls shot at 75 meters above the water, in Sao Miguel Island (Azores) , all succeeding each other in a cyclical order
click to see the full length video
Graphic & graphit waters
The sea, at first light of the day a blue satin sheet, glittering with white reflections, gently withdraws toreveal a bed of black pebbles.
click to see the full length video
A single stone at sea level
Eight moments of a summer day (3 mn each), for the simulation of a day (24mn/24h), from sunrise to moonlight…
click to see the full length video

Films in continuous broadcasting

Duration of living paintings on long cycles

20mn / water walls project

52 mn / 4 trees project, like the 52 weeks of a year

Up to 4 hours for the graphic and graphit waters project, with a wave slowed down 96 times.

Films made with professional standards, UHD 4K 16/9

Recommended equipment

What do you need ?

A TV screen

4K-UHD 16/9
  • preferably with OLED technology
    (pixels off for blacks and greater color depth)
  • other screen quality ( HD format ) possible
  • screen size according to the location of the exhibition.

A video player

Any player designed to play low compression rate videos
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck studio mini 4K (recommended)
  • A computer

click here to access the website

(all information, explanations & videos)